CLN Leader Spotlight

Meet Daniel Heitzenrater
Executive Assistant
Chautauqua County Executive’s Office
CLN President
Class of 2015

Daniel Heitzenrater, SUNY Fredonia and Jamestown Community College alumnus, graduated from the Class of 2015 Chautauqua Leadership Network program. Being very passionate about our community and personal development, Heitzenrater not only focuses on his own self-improvement, but also helps others recognize and develop their own leadership skills.

Heitzenrater applies his leadership skills throughout his work as an Executive Assistant in the Chautauqua County Executive’s Office.

CLN interviewed Heitzenrater to help us get to know him even better. Dan's greatest lesson he has learned is “there is ‘recipe’ which an individual must possess to be a leader. Everyone has their own personality and unique style of leadership. What I have found effective is to pay attention to leadership qualities or actions you personally find effective, and emulate or adapt them to fit your role as a leader.”

Heitzenrater states, “the CLN Alumnus who has been most influential to me is Vince Horrigan. Vince has a remarkable ability to facilitate discussions and bring people together.” Heitzenrater continues saying, “I’ve been very lucky to work with Vince and learn from his leadership. The knowledge I have observed and advice received has been invaluable, and I hope to emulate many of his leadership qualities in my own capacity as a leader.” Awesome job, Vince!

Being an ‘avid Green Bay Packers fan,’ Heitz says his favorite book is “What it Takes to Be #1: Vince Lombardi on Leadership.” Heitzenrater highly recommends this book. He continues saying, “ Lombardi was an incredible motivator who quickly turned a losing team and struggling franchise into a five-time NFL champions and winners of the first two Super Bowls. Known for being strict and demanding,  Lombardi also gained respect from his players as a fair and inclusive coach.” Heitz also references the book for recognizing different leadership principles and lessons from Lombardi with minor focus on football.

Dan lives in Falconer with his wife, Jessica, and their two dogs, Indy and Tucker. Getting a sense of where Heitz lives, CLN asks what he enjoys about Chautauqua County. “I like many things about Chautauqua County including the close-knit sense of community and climate which allows such a variety of outdoor recreation activities. What is currently most exciting is the momentum building with new business and hospitality attractions. He goes on to say, “Our area is going through a renaissance just like Buffalo, and it is very exciting to be a part of that development through my work and involvement in the community.”

Heitzenrater always tries to stay busy. Along with serving as the current President of CLN, he is also Vice President of Jamestown Skeet & Trap Club, a member of Peacock Masonic Lodge and the Chautauqua County Republican Committee. Heitzenrater says, “my favorite hobby is skeet shooting, both leisurely and competitively in the winter skeet league. I also enjoy working with my hands such as fixing vehicles and woodworking."

Thanks so much, Dan, for letting us get to know you better! We love to see the positive individuals that come out of CLN!

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