Developing Effective Community Leadership

About Chautauqua Network


Chautauqua Leadership Network's mission is to identify and nurture regional leaders, provide a framework for an emerging network of skilled civic trustees and help our communities to meet the challenges of today and the opportunities of tomorrow.

Our goals goals of CLN have not changed since 1993. We strive to improve our community, enhance personal leadership skills and have fun while expanding professional and personal networks. CLN annually hosts a Leader of the Year event through member nominations of inviduals or organizations that have done the most to further the vision and mission of CLN.
CLN teaches:

  • Different leadership styles and how and when those styles can be most effective.
  • A broad knowledge of the Chautauqua County community, its people, its systems, its assets and its challenges.
  • New concepts for personal and corporate growth with a variety of subjects on effective leadership
  • How to build new relationships with other leaders


Our Sponsors

CLN’s leadership training and the network that supports these leaders is made possible through the support of the following community businesses and institutions.